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Undeclared income. Are the CMS and HMRC doing enough to investigate your case? Now is your chance to tell the Minister.

The amount of child maintenance that needs to be paid is calculated using information on your ex-partner's income held by HMRC. But, there are occasions where parents have additional sources of income that they do not declare to HMRC. If it’s not declared, then it can’t be included in child maintenance calculations meaning that families miss out. This is child maintenance avoidance. We think it should be treated in the same way as tax avoidance. 

Advisers at the child maintenance service (CMS) tell these parents to notify the HMRC, but nothing is done. We want to support single parents affected by this issue to tell their story to the Minister. 

Minister Caroline Nokes, who's responsible for the CMS, recently told MPs that such stories were only 'hearsay'. However, she also made an important offer. If parents with such complaints were prepared to provide their full details to the Minister’s office, she'd be happy to look at the cases individually to see if a real problem does exist about a lack of action by CMS and HMRC.

So, if you are frustrated that nothing has been done after you have reported that the paying parent has not declared all their income to HMRC, now is your chance to tell the Minister. She'll then have no excuse to deny that this problem exists.

Please fill in your details below and click submit. The next screen will take you to a letter to the Minister, where you'll need to add your specific details.