Update June 2011: We understand that the Bill is now scheduled to be discussed in the coming months. In the meantime please do show your support by signing the petition.

For the very first time the South Korean government is considering a phase out of bear farming.

As a WSPA supporter, YOU have a unique opportunity. With our member society, Green Korea United (GKU), we are talking to the South Korean Government about a way forward to end this cruel industry. Please help us rally them to phase out bear farming and stop further bears enduring a lifetime of suffering.

Right now over 1,400 bears suffer on bear farms in South Korea. These bears are reared in cramped, barren cages until the age of ten, when they are slaughtered for their bile. This industry is still legal under South Korean law.

Bear farming is cruel. The captive conditions greatly restrict the bears’ movement and have a terrible impact on their wellbeing. WSPA have witnessed bears rocking and pacing in their small cages, and seen the severe wounds, sores and stress the caged conditions cause them.

Bear farming is unnecessary. Academics, experts and Traditional Asian Medicine advocates in South Korea agree that there are many readily available herbal and synthetic alternatives to bear bile. Even bear farmers in South Korea acknowledge their farms are losing money and they are prepared to consider a phase out.

The current Korean government is willing to find a way to end this suffering. The Korean Ministry of the Environment has been in discussions with WSPA and GKU about how to end bear farming. This September, a bill to phase out bear farming will be proposed to the Korean parliament for the government to deliberate.



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