Across Europe, tourists queue to watch dolphins perform. But the ‘smile’ of a captive dolphin disguises a lifetime of misery.

The complex needs of these intelligent mammals cannot be met in captivity. Compared to their ocean home, tanks are cramped and bare, causing stress, aggression and reduced life expectancy.

The tourists funding Europe’s dolphin attractions probably don’t know that chemically treated water and UV exposure frequently cause ulcers and skin lesions.

And the damage can begin even before captivity: some European dolphinaria buy wild dolphins wrenched from their social groups in traumatic ocean captures. Many die in the process.

Help us end their suffering.

Europe already has around 60 dolphin attractions and more are being built every year.

While it is extremely difficult – sometimes impossible – for captive dolphins and whales to readapt back to the wild, we can stop any more animals from entering lives of misery.

WSPA, alongside fellow members of the European Alliance to End Dolphins in Captivity (EAEDC), are calling on the European Union to:

  • ban the construction of new dolphinariums

  • ban the trade of whales and dolphins into the EU (including applicant countries and Switzerland)

Prevent the next generation of misery: sign your name online now or download a petition sheet to print, collect friend's names and post.

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