Sea turtles crushed, stressed and diseased. Living with open wounds in waste-filled waters. Welcome to the Cayman Turtle Farm.

Life in these tanks is a living hell for the naturally solitary sea turtle.They are so stressed they turn on each other, biting and maiming.

In-breeding at the farm is a major problem. Some turtles are even born without eyes.

This horror is all in pursuit of profit. While a few lucky sea turtles are released, far more will be slaughtered and sold as steaks or burgers.

Sign now to end this nightmare.

This action has now closed

The action you were heading for has now been closed down.

Sadly, the Cayman Turtle Farm refused to let WSPA participate in the independent assessment, despite thousands of requests from WSPA supporters.

The findings of the assessment were announced last month and the Farm has now been forced to admit there are problems that need addressing, but they are still refusing to stop farming sea turtles for meat.

We will continue to campaign until the turtles live a life free from suffering.

Keep checking the website to find out how you can help.


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