Act now to protect sheep from mass cruelty

New Zealand is in danger of tarnishing its international reputation by allowing thousands of sheep to endure the often fatal cruelty of long distance transport.

Five years after ceasing live exports – during which sheep suffer from hunger, stress, disease and often death – the New Zealand government is considering resuming the live trade to Saudi Arabia.

This is a journey of more than 20 days.

Retrograde step for animal welfare

By slaughtering locally and exporting frozen and chilled meat, New Zealand currently spares animals from these completely unnecessary journeys.

But once sheep leave New Zealand, the country’s welfare laws no longer apply – those that survive the journey have no guarantee of a humane end.

Prevent a return to animal suffering

Independent polls show that 81 per cent of New Zealanders believe the frozen and chilled food trade is the best way to export meat.

Add your voice

Please add your name to a letter to the New Zealand Ambassador to the United States. The letter asks New Zealand to stand firm against the cruelty of live export and maintain the country’s reputation as a world leader in animal welfare.

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