The sea lions that live in Chilean waters are at risk of needless slaughter. They need your help, today - take action now to protect them!

In Chile, sea lions are a protected species. But the government is planning to use loopholes in current legislation to open the door to a mass killing (referred to as a "cull"), despite huge opposition from the people of Chile.

If they do, thousands of these sociable sea mammals will die.

The plan for a mass cull is a reckless reaction to the scarcity of fish in Chilean waters. In fact, decades of over-fishing are to blame.

Without protection: the Chilean government will approve a plan to cull thousands of sea lions.

Without protection: the sea lions are exposed to further exploitation, such as capture and live export to "perform" in aquariums and zoos.

Without protection: the sea lions are at risk of being killed and their body parts exported to Asia for use in aphrodisiac medicines.

Thank you for your interest in this action. It is now closed.

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