We need your help. Just recently, an Australian television program, shared shocking footage of Australia's live cattle export trade to Indonesia.

The footage, captured by Animals Australia and reviewed by RSPCA Australia, shows Australian cattle being treated brutally within Indonesian slaughter houses.

The program can be viewed here
but please be warned it contains graphic material.

As animal welfare campaigners and supporters you know about the truly distressing things that can happen to animals. But you will be shocked by these scenes of cattle being senselessly tortured and forced to endure completely unnecessary pain and fear.

Whether it’s cattle shipped to Indonesia or sheep shipped to the Middle East, Australia has no means of protecting its animals once they are sent off shore. The only control an exporting country has is whether or not to send them. The Australian Government needs to know that you are appalled by this level of animal cruelty and want to see a permanent end to all forms of live animal export.

You can help WSPA stop the long distance transport of animals for slaughter

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