Most farm animals spend their lives crammed into tiny pens, cages or crates inside windowless barns. They are fed unnatural diets, antibiotics and suffer painful mutilations like de-beaking and tooth breaking so they can be kept at huge numbers on factory farms.

Caring about the lives of farm animals is a choice we all can make and the conditions in which farm animals live can be improved by our purchasing power.

Animal-friendly farming has many benefits for you as well. Choosing to eat food from humane and sustainable farms means less negative impact on the environment, safer food for you and more support for local farmers.

Please take the pledge and commit to making life better for farm animals.

Simple choices you can make:

  • Choose wisely — buy organic, cage-free, crate-free, antibiotic-free and pasture-raised
  • Go local — visit local farms and farmer’s markets
  • Don’t always trust the label — some labels sound impressive but say nothing about animal welfare and aren’t audited or monitored. Look for products that are ‘certified organic’ or certified humane.
  • Demand high standards — ask your supermarket to stock humane foods

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Watch our video to learn more about how factory farming impacts animal welfare: