Tell Congress not to roll back Obama-era oil and gas reforms!

Methane Flare
Methane flares from oil and gas operations on public lands in Colorado.
Photo credit: WildEarth Guardians, flickr.

Emboldened by Trump's fossil fuel agenda, Congress is checking off the oil and gas industry's wish list. Anti-conservationists in Congress are loosening environmental protections to drill everywhere, even parks! We need to stand up to them.

Take action: Tell Congress not to roll back Obama-era oil and gas reforms. 

This week, industry-backed members of Congress launched legislation to roll back a recent Obama administration rule to stop waste and prevent pollution from oil and gas development on public lands. 

The rule Congress is gunning for requires oil and gas companies to stop wasting natural gas and releasing polluting methane from all federal oil and gas operations. Wiping out these new standards at the whim of the industry endangers our climate, pollutes our air and costs American taxpayers.

Please send a note to your senators asking them to oppose rollbacks of pollution standards that protect our climate, health and wallets. 





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