To Finance Minister
Bill Morneau:

Fill out the form below to review, and then send, a letter asking for an increase to Canadian aid; copies to the Minister for International Development and Parliamentary Secretaries for Finance and International Development.

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Let's Get Canadian Aid on Track


We know how to address poverty.


Since 1990, the global under-5 mortality rate has been cut in half. 48 million young children have been saved from premature deaths since 2000 alone.
We’ve made great strides, but still, each year, nearly six million children do not make it to their fifth birthday.  
International assistance plays an important role in lives saved - Canada can do more than 0.28% of Gross National Income.

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Doing our part
Canadians want Canada to be a leader in helping the poor.


A good place to start is this year’s budget.

Send a letter to Canada's Minister of Finance, Bill Morneau, asking him to commit to doubling Canadian aid within the next 10 years.