Prime Minister Trudeau and Minister Bibeau:

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PM Trudeau, increase our focus towards the world's toughest places.


Fragile places like South Sudan and Somalia are home to 60% the world's malnourished people and over 50% of child deaths. Yet, only 25% of Canada's development budget is focused on fragile places.

This fall, Canadians are helping end hunger in some the world's most challenging places. Across the country, Canadians are sharing meaningful meals to help create a #HungerFree world. As Canadians show leadership in fighting global hunger for those most in need, the Government of Canada can also ‘double up’ and refocus our development aid to the most vulnerable.


Ask Prime Minister Justin Trudeau & Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau to:

  1. Double Canada's international assistance over the next 10 years
  2. Increase the proportion of our international assistance spent in fragile places from 25% to 35%


As the Government of Canada plans its 2017 budget, now is the time to share your desire for Canada to increase our aid in the world's toughest places!