Boreal caribou have a vast range stretching from the Yukon to southern Labrador, and are well adapted to their environment; however, habitat destruction, hunting, disturbance by humans and predation have all contributed to a significant decline of this species across Canada. All of the boreal caribou herds in BC are provincially listed as threatened and have been listed federally under the Species at Risk Act since 2003. Since then, there have been a suite of policies and guidelines aimed at safeguarding and recovering this iconic species, including the federal government’s Recovery Strategy (2012) and BC’s Plan for Boreal Caribou Management (2011). 

Most recently, the BC Government released a significantly updated management plan called the Boreal Caribou Recovery Implementation Plan (BCRIP), and are collecting public input on this plan until May 30, 2017. Read our full comments to the province.


The province’s revised boreal caribou plan aims to restore caribou habitat and recover all populations to self-sustaining levels, which is a positive change from the goals of the previous plan. However, without a more proactive approach to limiting habitat disturbance, shrinking the industrial footprint, and protecting critical habitat, these threatened herds will likely continue to decline well into the future.

We need your voice to help secure a better future for these caribou. Send the province your thoughts on this new plan today!

Three important things you can say about the plan:

  1. Goals must be bound to specific timelines: Having no timeframe for achieving the goals outlined in the revised plan allows action to be deferred, and puts our boreal caribou at even greater risk. The new plan should commit to time-bound objectives, including immediate 5-year action plans, consistent with a longer term management plan with goals achievable in 50 years or less.
  2. Cumulative effects must be considered: The plan outlines threats from various industries, however there is no formal consideration of cumulative impacts on caribou. The plan needs to include these considerations in order to properly determine how proposed and ongoing development will affect these caribou and the habitat they need to survive and thrive.
  3. Stricter limits on industry: From roads to seismic lines to clearcuts, BC’s boreal caribou ranges are a mosaic of disturbance. Because all of these ranges have exceeded the disturbance limits set out in the federal recovery strategy, the province needs to be to be more proactive in protecting and restoring caribou habitat, and needs to put in place much stricter limits on industry in these critical landscapes.

A strong and thoughtful recovery strategy and implementation plan are the best tools we have to save these iconic boreal caribou.

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