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Comments due by March 31

The Manitoba government is accepting comments on the development of the province’s Climate and Green Plan intended to ensure Manitoba does its part to ‘’help fight climate change while growing our economy.’’ The plan will include the objective of preserving wetlands and vulnerable ecosystems, which are essential natural areas for storing carbon and keeping it out of the atmosphere. 

The feedback survey asks for public input on conserving natural areas on private lands only. Public lands, which cover 90% of the province, need to be included as they are dominated by carbon rich boreal forests and wetlands.

As the boreal is the world’s largest terrestrial storehouse of carbon, protection and wise management of the boreal landscape is Manitoba’s greatest opportunity to make a significant contribution to the fight against climate change.

Please use our convenient template (below) to let the Manitoba government know that you want large-scale conservation across Manitoba’s carbon-rich boreal zone to be a top priority for the provincial Climate and Green Plan.

Your letter will be sent to:
The Honourable Brian Pallister, Premier of Manitoba
The Honourable Cathy Cox, Minister of Sustainable Development
CC: Judy Klassen, Liberal Party of Manitoba; Flor Marcelino, Manitoba NDP; James Beddome, Green Party of Manitoba

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