Help Protect Edmonton’s Water Source! 

Did you know that almost 90% of Edmonton’s drinking water is unprotected! The water we use every day comes from one of Alberta’s last intact forests in the Bighorn Backcountry near Nordegg, Alberta. This 5000 square kilometre forest is home to many sensitive and endangered species such as grizzly bears, mountain goats, bull trout and whitebark pine trees. This beautiful area offers amazing outdoor recreational opportunities, and important ecosystem services such as protection from floods and droughts. Unfortunately, the Bighorn is currently threatened by industrial activities such as coal leases, oil and gas development, forestry, and inappropriate recreational activities. 

We must protect the Bighorn as a Wildland Provincial Park in order to ensure Edmonton's water is clean, safe and secure for ourselves and future generations!  

Calgary’s drinking water is protected- Why not Edmonton's? CPAWS Northern Alberta is taking a stand in the fight for our water, and you can too!

Sign our letter asking for the Bighorn to be designated as a Wildland Provincial Park!

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