Exemption Threatens Ontario Caribou

Instead of protecting habitats for threatened species such as Woodland Caribou, Acadian Flycatcher, Blanding’s Turtle and the harmless Eastern Hog-nosed Snake, Ontario is exempting many major industries from the strict standards set in its Endangered Species Act (permanent exemptions and longer transition exemptions for industries and activities under the Endangered Species Act). These new rules jeopardize the recovery of more than 150 species at risk in Ontario. We can’t let this happen.

We're calling on Ontario to uphold the Endangered Species Act – which set the highest standard for North America when it was adopted in 2007. 

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Here's what CPAWS is saying:

  • The Ontario Endangered Species Act is supposed to be a safety net for species hovering on the brink of extinction. Ontario has cut a big hole in the safety net by adopting a regulation that waters down the original intent of the Act.
  • We urge the government to:
    • reconsider its sweeping exemptions to the Act for many major industries and activities
    • adopt solutions recommended by scientists and conservationists that focus on upholding the Act
    • implement plans for caribou and more than 150 species facing extinction that meet the spirit and intent of the Act
    • stay true to our North American-leading law!

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Hon. Kathryn McGarry
Ontario Minister of Natural Resources and Forestry 


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