The Magpie River: Beautiful from one end to the other


National Geographic has ranked the Magpie River, nestled along Quebec’s North Shore, one of the top ten whitewater river destinations in the world. Despite the attention it attracts from outdoor adventure enthusiasts as well as its range of biodiversity, future power projects threaten this whitewater ecosystem.

Hydro-Quebec considers the Magpie River a potential site for a hydropower plant in the future. Quebec’s Office for Public Hearings on the Environment recommends complete protection of the region and the addition of the Magpie River to the existing biodiversity reserve just beside the river.

How You Can Help

Sign our petition below. CPAWS and local paddlers associations are asking two decision makers from Quebec’s provincial government to create a protected area on the Magpie river and a significant part of its watershed.

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Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, 

Minister of Sustainable Development, Environment, and the Fight against Climate Change 

The Magpie River is an exceptional series of waterfalls and rapids that run through Northern Quebec and attract white water enthusiasts from all around the world. However, despite its international reputation and its ecological intactness, the Magpie river isn't protected right now, as are most of the other famous whitewater rivers in the world (Colorado River in the Grand Canyon, Nahanni river in northern Canada, etc.)

I'm writing to ask that you create a protected area on the Magpie River and a significant part of its watershed. Full protection of the Magpie River would ensure a rich and active ecosystem is maintained in this region, and will diversify the regional economy. You will also be protecting one of the last major white water rivers in Quebec. 

Thank you for taking this step toward preserving a part of our natural heritage dear to our hearts. 




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