With the longest coastline of any country in the world, but less than 1% of our oceans under any form of meaningful protection, Canada’s rich marine ecosystems are at growing peril. 

You can help! Write a letter to the federal government now.

CPAWS is calling on our governments to quickly complete 12 new marine protected areas and to establish networks of marine protected areas in all of our oceans.

Canada’s slow progress in establishing marine protected areas means the risks continue to grow to the marine ecosystems for which we, as a country, are directly responsible.

Completing Canada’s network of marine protected areas within this decade is necessary for the future well-being of our oceans, economy and communities. It’s entirely achievable; but it will take a stronger commitment from all levels of government, as well as industry and local communities, than we’ve witnessed in the past 18 months.

Speak up now and let the federal government know you want our oceans protected!

Personal letters to decision-makers matter. Share your thoughts on why you want our oceans protected.

CPAWS is calling on the federal government to:

  • Speed up progress and complete the protection of the 12 marine sites we identified in 2011;
  • Implement its “National Framework for Canada’s Network of Marine Protected Areas”;
  • Set targets and timelines for completing the national network of MPAs;
  • Allocate  $35 million per year to support the science, planning and management capacity necessary to finalize current MPA candidate sites and implement networks of MPAs in each of our oceans
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