Barnston_River_Antje_Rilk.jpgThaidene Nene – the heart of the homeland of the Lutsel K’e Dene First Nation around and beyond the East Arm of Great Slave Lake – is on its way to becoming Canada’s newest and most innovative park. Thaidene Nene will be protected through an innovative combination of a national park and territorial legislation.

The Government of the Northwest Territories is currently consulting the public on the Territorial Park portion of Thaidene Nene. Thaidene Nene needs your support now!

Our goal is to protect the ecological and cultural values of Thaidene Nene, making it a northern park for northerners. It will also be a destination for visitors from far and wide to experience this amazing landscape, and learn about the traditional relationship that Lutsel K’e Denesoline have with their homeland. Permanently protecting the Thaidene Nene study area is the best way to ensure that its clean and clear lakes and rivers, healthy wildlife and habitat and special cultural places will endure forever.

The challenge now is to make sure that this new northern conservation formula effectively protects Thaidene Nene’s ecological integrity and cultural values while providing local economic benefits and continued access for northern recreational uses.

This will require two things:

1. The 2007 Thaidene Nene land withdrawal area needs to be protected. This area was designed based on scientific and traditional knowledge of what is needed to ensure Thaidene Nene’s pristine lakes and rivers, healthy wildlife and habitat, and Lutsel K’e Dene traditions and cultural values will endure forever. It is critical that the proposed boundary is not altered to shrink the size of Thaidene Nene.

2.  GNWT legislation used to protect Thaidene Nene must be revised to:

  • provide permanent protection equivalent to a national park while reflecting the recreational interests of northerners,
  • protect Aboriginal and treaty rights,
  • prohibit industrial development, and
  • provide for arrangements for co-governance with Aboriginal governments.

In addition to protecting ecological and cultural values, protecting Thaidene Nene will also support the growth of long-term, sustainable tourism and conservation jobs in the NWT, for northerners.

Add your voice now. At this critical time decisions are being made about Thaidene Nene and your voice of support can make a big difference.

*If you've already signed the pledge, Please write a letter now in support of protecting Thaidene Nene!


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