Petition: Demand animal cruelty charges for Fearmans Pork pig truck rollover

A truck carrying 180 pigs to Fearmans Pork slaughterhouse in Burlington, Ontario rolled over earlier this month as it approached the slaughterhouse. Many of the pigs were trapped inside the wreckage, injured and dying, while horrified bystanders listened to their screams. 

The surviving pigs were shown no mercy. The slaughterhouse left traumatized and injured animals to suffer in the sun with no medical attention or shelter. Video footage shows pigs being hit with paddles to force them out of the truck, and then marched across the parking lot to be killed. 

Animal Justice filed a legal complaint with the Ontario SPCA, insisting the slaughterhouse be charged with animal cruelty, and the agency is investigating our complaint.

Please join us in encouraging the Ontario SPCA to lay animal cruelty charges by signing the petition!

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