College of Veterinarians: Revoke Abusive Vet's License

Secretly-recorded video footage has exposed St. Catharines veterinarian Dr. Mahavir Singh Rekhi for choking, hitting, and abusing vulnerable animal patients who were entrusted to his care. The footage was recorded by former employees of Dr. Rekhi's veterinary hospital and recently released on CTV News. The disturbing videos show Dr. Rekhi committing horrific acts of animal cruelty: beating a puppy over the snout with metal nail clippers, choking a chihuaua so hard the dog defecates, and swinging an unconscious cat by the tail against a table.

The College of Veterinarians of Ontario (CVO) found Dr. Rekhi guilty of professional misconduct in July, but instead of permanently barring him from practicing veterinary medicine, Dr. Rekhi got a slap on the wrist: a 10 month suspension. The suspension may be reduced to only four months if he seeks further training, meaning Dr. Rekhi could be in a position to hurt more animals as soon as December.

A short suspension isn't enough to protect vulnerable animals from sickening abuse.

Please tell CVO President Dr. Larry Caven that Dr. Rekhi must be permanently banned from practicing as a veterinarian.

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