Diagnosed with breast cancer 2015.
Diagnosed with MBC 2016.

There is already too much uncertainty for Canadian women living with metastatic breast cancer (MBC).

MBC occurs when cancer has spread from the breast to other parts of the body.

Women with MBC need treatments that help keep their disease controlled. Until there is a cure, it is treatments that give time and help them live a better life longer.

Research continues to show progress in treating metastatic breast cancer, and the price of these new treatments developed by pharmaceutical manufacturers continues to rise. The price of new cancer treatments is resulting in an unsustainable health system. This leaves metastatic breast cancer patients waiting longer for new treatments to be approved and listed in Canada compared to other jurisdictions - leading to more uncertainties about the availability of future innovative cancer treatments and the clinical trial sites.

It’s time to change how metastatic breast cancer drugs are approved and listed to be more transparent and without delay.

Sign our petition. Ensure the voices and values of women with MBC are represented when decisions about their health and care are made.

We the undersigned petition the Canadian government as follows:

To ensure the voice and the values of women with metastatic breast cancer are included in the process by which decisions about access to metastatic breast cancer treatments are made, and that this process is both transparent and held accountable to timelines so patients are not left waiting and in the dark.

Women with metastatic breast cancer need their voice and values included in the process which affect their health outcomes. Specifically:

1. We need transparent information regarding the role, mandate and process of the Canadian Association of Provincial Cancer Agencies’ Cancer Drug Implementation Advisory Committee (CDIAC) and how this new committee adds value to the way women with metastatic breast cancer are treated in an equitable and effective way.

2. We need clear understanding of the selection process for patients, caregivers and the public for CDIAC and the terms of the role they will have.

3. Women with metastatic breast cancer need specific and transparent timelines by which both pan-Canadian Pharmaceutical Alliance and pharmaceutical manufacturers are held accountable to when negotiating the price of cancer medications and signing a letter of intent.

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