FACE UK Campaign – The Firearms Directive

Where do your MEPs stand on changes to the Firearms Directive?


The European Commission is pressing for changes to the Firearms Directive, they say these are to combat terrorism and organised crime but FACE UK is concerned that many of their proposals would harm legitimate shooting in the UK.

Among these are:

  • restrictions on young people
  • banning of semi-automatic rifles used in pest control.
  • an obligatory medical test irrespective of risk
  • a limit of 5 years for a certificate stopping the move to 10 years in the UK

FACE UK is calling on all those who shoot to contact their MEPs over these concerns.  

FACE UK, fully supports evidence-based actions to stop the flow of illegal firearms to organised criminals and terrorists. We believe that this is best achieved by ensuring that any new regulations separate lawful ownership and the use of sporting guns from illegal firearms used in terrorism and organised crime.

FACE UK is concerned that the proposed changes are highly likely to result in damaging unintended consequences, and harm shooting which is integral to the economic, social and environmental wellbeing of the British countryside.

The Commission’s proposals are being considered by MEPs and this website enables those who shoot to contact their MEPs to raise their concerns. All contact on behalf of shooting should be reasonable and polite.

Using this site you can contact your MEPs and let them know about these proposed changes. Enter your postcode in the field to look up your MEPs.