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Report a sky-high surcharge

Where have you seen a sky-high surcharge? Tell us about it. 

(A surcharge might be called a surcharge, a booking fee or a service fee)

Dob in a sky-high surcharge

Have you paid too much to use your credit or debit card? Let us know and make sure the regulator gets the information to crack down on companies that have been gouging consumers.

Excessive card payment surcharges are now illegal in Australia and the regulator, the ACCC, is going to start enforcing this law soon. Let's help the ACCC out with a list of the worst offenders when it comes to unfair fees. 

Australians are forking out an estimated $800 million in credit card surcharges each year. Let us know who’s ripping you off to expose the worst offenders - and stop their sky-high surcharges!

What is a fair surcharge?

Every time you buy something with your card, the merchant you’re shopping from pays a fee to their bank. These fees can vary from card to card, store to store and are closely linked to charges that card companies like Visa, MasterCard and American Express set for using their payment systems.  Businesses can't charge you more than it costs them to accept cards. The Reserve Bank of Australia says that fair surcharges should be:

  • Up to 0.5% for a MasterCard or Visa debit card  
  • Between 1-1.5% for a MasterCard or Visa credit card 
  • Between 2-3% for an American Express card 
If businesses don't comply with new surcharging laws, the ACCC has the power to issue infringement notices that could cost a business up to $108,000, or take court action with a business facing fines up to $1,164,780.

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