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Energy reform light bulb smash

We helped Australians take the power back

As surging electricity prices put a strain on household budgets, we took action to fix Australia's broken energy market. Thousands of consumers made their voices heard as we took a plan for energy reform direct to the nation's energy ministers, premiers and PM.

In 2011 Australians faced a broken electricity market. A perfect storm of surging prices, dodgy marketing and consumer confusion made energy the top household concern.

We responded with a Plan for Affordable Energy, taking the concerns of thousands of consumers direct to key decision-makers. There were some wins along the way, with the PM and state premiers responding with a series of important reforms.

In the five years to 2012, electricity prices rose by around 50 per cent across Australia. Households were anxious about what rising bills would mean for their budget. We targeted the biggest driver of increases: wasteful spending on energy infrastructure. In late 2012, we teamed up with industry and consumer groups to deliver a realistic plan to make energy more affordable. As electricity prices soared, we took a plan for refrom direct to the nation's energy ministers, premiers and PM.

The result was some genuine wins for Australians. This included the start of fixing regulations that had led to billions in over spending, pushing up household bills.

In 2013, we turned our attention to the biggest sources of consumer confusion in energy. We targeted confusing electricity bills that made it a headache to compare and shop around. We also argued for a heads-up on energy price rises before they hit home, giving consumers the chance to change providers.

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