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Content owners and the telco industry have joined forces to create a draft scheme that will make internet providers police your internet use, send you 'education' letters and provide your contact details to rights holders so that they can more easily pursue legal action - or send you speculative invoices demanding money for unproved infringements. This won't stop piracy because it doesn't address the reasons people download unlawfully: high prices and unavailability of legal content.

What's happpened so far

In August 2014 we campaigned against the government's internet filter and policing proposals. Nearly 20,000 Australians signed our petution. 

Donations and support also helped us produce an ad that exposed the policies. 

In June 2015, the federal government introduced the industry-run internet filter, a law that lets rights holders like Village Roadshow apply to have websites blocked. Despite rushing the legislation through, businesses have yet to make any applications under the new law. 

The content owners and telco industry have also collaborated to produce a draft code that lets content owners gain access to internet users' contact details, so they can more easily pursue legal action against alleged unlawful downloaders. 

We called on the Minister for Communications to step in and make sure the final code provides strong protections for consumers, and addresses the drivers behind piracy. The body responsible for registering the code is still considering whether or not it will go ahead. 

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