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Thousands of people worked together to pressure Jetstar to stop dodgy pricing practices. Sign up to find out how you can make big companies play fair.  

We won! Jetstar has ditched the ticks in Australia and New Zealand!

Jetstar's booking process has several pre-ticked optional extras that can add close to $40 to the cost of your flight. 

CHOICE and Consumer NZ found that Jetstar is the worst offender in both the Australian and New Zealand when it comes to sneaking on extra costs in the booking process. In Australia, Jetstar's pre-ticked optional extras add on more costs than any other airline.

Over 2015 and 2016, thousands of people emailed the Jetstar CEO and called for him to drop the dodgy website pricing practices. As a result, Jetstar has removed its pre-ticked extras in New Zealand and has agreed to remove pre-ticked extras on their Australian site by mid-2017. 

CHOICE is continuing to fight for consumer rights for Australian travellers. Sign up to find out how you can work with us to fight for fair treatment from Australia's biggest companies.