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Send your message to government

A 2011 food labelling review recommended that added oils, sugars and fats be clearly identified on food products. Make sure your State or Territory minister responsible for food knows you want clear food labels so palm oil can’t hide under the generic ‘vegetable oil’ label. 

Support palm oil labelling on food products

Do you want to know if palm oil is in your food?

At the moment it’s hard to find out. This is because palm oil can be listed under the generic term ‘vegetable oil’.

But this could all change. State, Territory and Federal ministers will soon consider whether labels will have to say exactly what’s in our food: exactly what oils, sugars and fats have been added.

So take a moment to tell them you want labels that tell you if palm oil is in your food.

    CHOICE Campaigns email
    David Bennett
   The Honourable David Gillespie, MP
Commonwealth of Australia
   The Honourable Natasha Fyles, MLA
NT Government
    Meegan Fitzharris, MLA
ACT Government
   The Honourable Jack Snelling, MP
South Australian Government
   The Honourable Jaala Pulford, MLC
Victorian Government
    Roger Cook
   The Honourable Luke Hartsuyker, MP
Commonwealth of Australia
   The Hon Michael Ferguson
   The Hon Jane Snelling
   The Hon Jill Hennessy
   The Honourable Leon Bignell, MP
South Australian Government
   The Honourable Niall Blair, MLC
NSW Government
    William Byrne
   The Hon Brad Hazzard
   The Hon Cameron Dick