Please ask your MP to pledge their support for a 1p cut to beer duty

This page allows you to email your MP directly to request their support for a cut in beer duty ahead of the Chancellor’s Budget.

On the 8th March, the Chancellor will be making his Budget statement.

This provides you with an opportunity to lobby your MP to support a 1p cut in beer duty and for a reduction in business rates for pubs.

The beer, brewing and pubs sector now support nearly 900,000 jobs in the UK, and contributes £23.6bn to the economy every year.  We believe that a further cut would help encourage investment, protect jobs and improve confidence in the sector.

With your help in previous years, we have been able to secure cuts to beer duty in 2013, 2014 and 2015 and last year, the Chancellor implemented a duty freeze. 

However, the UK is still paying among the highest rate of beer duty in Europe at 52.2p on the pint. This compares to other big brewing nations which pay a tenth less than UK beer drinkers such as Germany and Spain, who enjoy their beer at under 5p of duty on a pint.

CAMRA is also concerned about the taxation facing pubs. 

CAMRA believe that the pub is the home of responsible drinking; offering you the chance to socialise with friends while you enjoy your pint. However, high taxation is driving people away from community pubs and towards the supermarket and other stores to buy their beer. 

To go some way to alleviate the tax pressure on pubs, we are calling for a reduction of up to £5000 in business rates for pubs across England.

To reduce beer duty and support our pubs, we need to make sure that the voices of beer drinkers across the UK are heard – and I would urge you to email your MP to secure their support.

We have provided a suggested email based on what we think our members would want to say. In addition, we also want to encourage members to personalise their emails and add in their own thoughts, as this will improve the range and quality of responses received. 

To contact your MP, please enter your details below.