Animals Matter

Back a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare

Animal suffering is an urgent worldwide problem. Whether it’s the millions of animals forgotten after natural disasters or the 1 billion stray cats and dogs at risk of being needlessly culled, animals need our help. As well as the individual actions we can take, our governments have a crucial role to play in creating lasting change for animals.

This is why World Animal Protection is calling for a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare (UDAW) to be backed by the United Nations.

A declaration will create a baseline for animal care and treatment that every nation in the world can work towards... It will make animals a global priority, to be included as we seek solutions for the big issues we face, like poverty and climate change... It will make animals matter.

More than 2 million individuals and 40 governments have joined us in demanding a declaration. Join us.

Tell the world that animals matter: back a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.

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Animals matter to me.  They need to matter to us all.

Better animal welfare globally is vital if animals, people, and our planet are to thrive. For this reason, I support an international initiative to improve animals’ lives: I support a Universal Declaration on Animal Welfare.

A declaration backed by the United Nation is necessary to create a new international landscape – one in which respect for animal wellbeing is recognised as inextricable from how we live and treat our planet.