The Boreal Forest is one of the world’s last remaining ancient forests. It’s the source of life and culture for many Indigenous Peoples around the world and sustains countless species of wildlife. Representing the largest carbon storehouse on the planet, it plays an essential role in curbing climate change.
But the mighty Boreal Forest is under serious threat: logging company Resolute Forest Products is destroying vast swathes of this immense ancient forest, logging without the consent of impacted Indigenous communities and putting threatened woodland caribou at increased risk.

Resolute takes Boreal destruction global by shipping their products to nearly 80 countries around the world….but you can do something about it.
Together we can shine a light on Resolute’s practices. The forest can’t defend itself - it needs your help. Join the movement to #StandForForests and let Resolute know: the world is watching what happens in the Boreal.