Ask the Royal Veterinary College to stop experimenting on animals

The Royal Veterinary College (RVC) played a central role in gruesome experiments on female sheep. The experiments to remove the animals’ wombs and re-graft them back into the same animals were reported to have gone seriously wrong. This resulted in one procedure being abandoned, one animal dying prematurely and others suffering kidney failure. This research was conducted, not to improve the health and well-being of sheep, but to try to improve human fertility.

We have previously highlighted how the RVC, which conducts approximately 9,000 procedures a year on animals, has:
• bred dogs with a genetic weakness who will be killed when they are around 18 months old
• euthanased two puppies from the research colony after they were attacked by an older dog
• inadequately controlled the food that sheep ate prior to their operation and failed to adequately monitor them under anaesthesia, which led to them dying
• inserted electrodes into the legs of guinea fowl before they were made to run on a treadmill

Please sign our petition, which we will hand in to the College. We hope this will demonstrate to them the strength of feeling that there is among compassionate members of the public about their conduct, and compel them to abandon their animal research programme. The College has ignored our many communications and we feel compelled to increase our efforts to raise awareness, both inside the College and to the wider public, of the College’s conduct.

We, the undersigned, are shocked and appalled to hear about the extensive animal research programme being conducted at the Royal Veterinary College, a programme which currently involves approximately 9,000 animals a year. The size of this programme is shocking and the catalogue of horrors is staggering. It includes:
•      Sheep undergoing operations to remove and then re-graft their wombs. These experiments, conducted to try to improve human fertility, were reported to have gone seriously wrong, resulting in one abandoned procedure, two animals with kidney failure and one animal dying on the operating table.
•      Dogs being bred to suffer from a canine version of Duchenne Muscular Dystrophy, and who will be killed when they are only 18 months old.
•      Sheep dying under anaesthetic due to inadequate control of pre-operative food, a lack of adequate monitoring during the anaesthesia and being incorrectly positioned on the operating table.
•      Guinea pigs euthanased due to ‘simple wound breakdown’, as the project licence did not mention re-stitching open wounds.
•      A pregnant sheep being mistakenly used for an experiment – an error that led to her lamb being killed.
•      Two puppies in the research colony being euthanased after being attacked by an adult dog.

We expect a veterinary college to heal animals, not to deliberately harm them. By causing animals to suffer pain and distress, the RVC is doing the opposite of what people expect of it. We urge you to cease all animal research on both scientific and moral grounds.


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