Save our Vanishing Grasslands

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This campaign is now closed. Thanks to everyone who has helped to support it.

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Our wildlife-rich grasslands are fading away – and with them the precious wildlife and wild plants of our countryside. 

Under threat from development, changes in land-use and farming practices, neglect and mismanagement, new evidence from Wildlife Trusts across the country tells a story of vanishing grasslands and vanishing wildlife.

Wildlife-rich grasslands need your help:

for bees and pollinators
for wild grasses and flowers, butterflies and barn owls, skylarks and slow worms
for protecting precious soils,  protecting rivers from pollutants and for storing water and carbon
for preserving ancient meadows and pastures - living museums of social history
for supporting sustainable farming systems
for inspiration and art - "the wildflowers studding every inch of ground" (John Clare)

Please sign and share our petition (below) which urges the government to act now to halt the decline.

Please sign our petition

To Owen Paterson (Secretary of State for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs)

I believe that the loss of our wildlife-rich grasslands must stop. A full review of existing protection for environmentally important grasslands is urgently needed. Government should:

1)    Improve existing laws and policies and effectively enforce them 

Environmental Impact Assessment (Agriculture) Regulations should be strengthened and grasslands given better protection through planning policy.

2)    Protect wildlife-rich grasslands on farmland

Farmers should be fully rewarded for managing important grasslands. Attach stronger requirements for protection to the direct payments farmers receive for managing land.

3)    Award statutory protection to more grassland sites that deserve it

Species-rich grassland sites that qualify should become protected SSSIs (Sites of Special Scientific Interest) as quickly as possible.

4)    Set up a national grassland inventory

A new national inventory of important grasslands in England should be established.

5)    Restore more wildlife-rich grasslands

Grassland restoration projects delivered in partnership with farmers and landowners by local Wildlife Trusts, Plantlife and others should be encouraged and sustained.

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