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Ask your MEPs to vote against CETA in February!

On February 15 2017, the European Parliament will have its final vote on CETA. If approved, CETA will immediately come into effect for the UK and the rest of Europe. CETA is a case study of how not to do a trade deal. It must be stopped.

Contact your MEPs now to make sure they vote against this toxic trade deal! 

If you want a general overview of CETA’s dangers, you can read our briefing on CETA, or this longer CETA analysis we co-published with allies in Europe and Canada. We've also explained how Liam Fox bypassed parliament to approve CETA even though a European Parliament committee believes it will worsen inequality, and how CETA has already undermined the fight against climate change.

There’s also this report we co-published on CETA’s threat to food safety and this briefing from the House of Commons Library.

Ask your MEPs to vote against CETA!

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