Ask your MP to engage in the CETA debate in parliament!

UK Members of Parliament are to finally debate controversial EU-Canada trade deal CETA after Trade Secretary Liam Fox MP admitted that he intentionally side-stepped parliamentary scrutiny when he gave UK consent to approve the deal – the exact opposite of ‘taking back control’.

We’ve been told by contacts in the Department for International Trade that they hope to have the debate by the end of November if the parliamentary timetable allows this. If there’s no time for the debate in November, January is a likely option.

Contact your MP now to make sure they attend the CETA debate and are aware of the deal’s immense dangers! 

If you want a general overview of CETA’s dangers, you can read our briefing on CETA, or this longer CETA analysis we co-published with allies in Europe and Canada. There’s also this report we co-published on CETA’s threat to food safety and this briefing from the House of Commons Library.

Tell your MP to speak out on CETA!

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