STAND WITH MIGRANT WORKERS - End precarious contracts



The EU referendum result has given space to appalling racism and xenophobia. The fight is on to guarantee migrant workers equal social and labour protection, and to end exploitative precarious contracts.

Sports Direct provides a shocking example of how when workers feel unable to challenge conditions, on fear of losing their jobs, abuse, sexism and xenophobia can become entrenched. Workers are unable to challenge abuse for fear of losing future work.

We must ask our MPs to end precarious contracts and stand with migrant workers.

Please stand with migrant workers: write to your MP to demand they end precarious contracts.

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79% of Sports Direct shop workers are on zero-hour contracts - they are being used to control workers not manage changes in workload.

The Citizens Advice Bureau estimates that 4.1 million workers are in insecure work (irregular hours or unpredictable shifts) this means many find it difficult to manage their budgets or plan for the future.

New Zealand has passed legislation which ends zero-hour contracts, meaning workers have to be reasonably compensated when they are available for shifts. The same kind of law could be passed in the UK.

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Ask your MP to stand with migrant workers and end precarious contracts.


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