Prime Minister Turnbull and Trade Minister Andrew Robb have just committed Australia to the dangerous and undemocratic Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (TPP).

Here’s the catch – we have no idea what the Turnbull Government has signed us up to. They refuse to release the text.

What we DO know about the TPP is this:

  • Big pharamaceutical companies have been at the table pushing for their interests to be protected. This could come at the expense of affordable medicines and health care in Australia.
  • We do know that “ISDS clauses” have been included in the agreement which means big corporations can sue the government for acting in the public interest.
  • And finally, it looks like the TPP is going to make it harder for the government to take strong action on global warming.

Australians deserve to know what rights this government is prepared to sign away (and whether the Labor Party is going to be strong enough to stand up to them.)

Add your voice and call on Prime Minister Turnbull to #ReleaseTheText.