Arts Emergency

Apply now to join our  ‘alternative’ Old Boy Network!

Join hundreds of like-minded graduates and creative professionals offering information, advice and guidance to the next generation.

  • Do good things: Create privilege for people without privilege and counter the myth that universities, and in particular arts degrees, are the domain of the middle and upper classes.
  • Meet amazing peers: Our volunteers come from TV, film, music, art, fashion, academia, law, architecture, activism, comedy, social work, journalism, publishing, design, activism and theatre.
  • Get a beautiful portrait: Our artist in residence will draw you if you also donate a small amount!

What you will be doing:

  • Becoming a contact in our network for students without connections
  • Sharing industry knowledge and relevant life experience with them
  • Corresponding with students (arranged via mentors and our Director) via phone, email or in person
  • Where applicable, talking to groups of students about your experience and work
  • Offering taster days and work experience to students members (through our partner colleges)
  • Sharing further contacts that prove useful to students
  • Helping us grow our grassroots network

How you will do it:

  • Emails, meetings and calls
  • Attending Arts Emergency networking event (subject to your availability)
  • Particiapting in college careers talks and workshops (subject to your availability)

Who can apply?

Any Bachelor of Arts graduate and/or professional working in a relevant industry or working in a related creative or professional field.

Who will you help?

Students members in non-selective further education (16+)


All contact comes through Arts Emergency staff or from a student's Mentor, we will not share this info with anybody else.


This section asks information that helps students and mentors know a bit about you and helps us makesure we only introduce you to students with relevant aspirations or interests.
Your area of work. Tick any applicable boxes, this is helpful for students searching the network. *


This is just for our internal records.

Where did you hear about Arts Emergency? *


Please read:

I understand that any offer of a volunteer position will be subject to the/ information on this application form being complete and correct. I authorise Arts Emergency to make any appropriate checks that may be necessary in relation to the role I have applied for. False information, or a failure to supply the details required in this application form, could make an offer of a volunteer position invalid or lead to termination of the volunteer position.

I agree that during the course of my volunteering with Arts Emergency, and at all times thereafter, I will keep confidential any information, however obtained, concerning the business, trade secrets, personnel, supporters or beneficiaries of Arts Emergency or of any of its subsidiary or associated companies, and I will not disclose any such information to any other party without Arts Emergency’s prior written consent.

Furthermore, I agree that I will not use any such information for my own purposes or for the purposes of any third party. Upon termination of my volunteering (for whatever reason) I agree that I will surrender to Arts Emergency all documents, copy documents, notes and other memoranda in my possession relating to Arts Emergency, its supporters or any other associated individual, organisation or company.

I agree to abide by Arts Emergency’s Data Protection Policy and Confidentiality Policy. I agree that personal data relating to me, which has been or is obtained by Arts Emergency, including personal data given by me on this form, may be held and processed either on computer or in manual records. It may be disclosed to authorised employees of Arts Emergency, and used by Arts Emergency for any purpose relating to my application.

By submitting this application form, I give my permission to the storage and processing of sensitive personal information by Arts Emergency.

Please type your name and today's date to accept:

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