Make bankers come clean about their fossil fuel finance

Do you have an account with one of the banks listed below? If so, we will tailor your message to Vince Cable to include information about that bank's investment in dirty energy projects. If you don't have an account with any of them, click "None of these" and you'll be able to send a message about the UK banking sector as a whole.

The UK financial sector is bankrolling climate change by ploughing billions into the dirty projects of fossil fuel companies. 

Banks, pension funds and other shady financiers must be forced to come clean about how much damage the dirty and destructive energy projects they are financing around the world are doing to our climate.

New regulation coming into force later this year will mean the UK’s biggest businesses will have to report on their carbon emissions. But the financial sector has been let off the hook from disclosing the climate impacts of their investments.

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So, while banks like Barclays will have to disclose the carbon footprint of the lightbulbs in their London offices, they won’t have to report on the billions they plough into destructive coal and oil projects around the world.

Please join us to demand that the financial sector is forced to disclose the carbon footprint of its investments. To do this, you can select your own bank or pension provider and see how many billions of dollars they are investing into coal.

Email Vince Cable, the minister in charge of company carbon reporting, to call on the UK government to make bankers to come clean on the emissions they are bankrolling.

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