Bikehangar in Lambeth

Tell us where you want secure parking near your home or workplace

To cope with the massive shortage of secure cycle parking near people's homes and workplaces, many London boroughs are installing on-street Dutch-style Bikehangers. We're teaming up with councils and cycle parking provider CycleHoop to find out where you need your Bikehangar. 

We'll pass this information on to councils so they can use it to decide where to put Bikehangars over the next few months. 

Lambeth Council is leading the way, having already installed 40 Bikehangars with capacity for 240 bicycles. Six more councils have already ordered Bikehangars, while many more are waiting to hear from you before deciding to install them too.

If you want a Bikehangar near your home or workplace, use the form below to tell your local council where. You may enter up to three locations.

How Bikehangars work

Bikehangers can be installed in London streets or on private land. The units are based on a tried-and-tested Dutch design and take up half a car parking space to store six bicycles securely. You pay an annual rental charge, around £40, to rent your own secure space for a whole year. Registration is quick and easy via a web portal, and you have your own key to access your locker. 

Tell us where you want secure parking

For each location you suggest, please choose the relevant borough from the dropdown list. If you don't know what borough it is, this website can tell you in an instant.

Under 'Additional information' please tell us (1) if you're in a block of flats, for example, or workplace with high demand for cycle parking, (2) if you know of any public or private land that could accommodate a Bikehanger or (3) any other information you think would be helpful.

We'll pass the information you give to your local council to assist them in choosing locations for Bikehangars. You might be contacted about the locations you've suggested.