Celebrate a decade of progress towards the end of NTDs

Add your name to celebrate and accelerate the fight at this crucial milestone

A community drug distributor in Sierra Leone tracks participation in a mass drug administration campaign to fight NTDs.

In just a decade, the United States Agency for International Development Neglected Tropical Diseases Program has delivered more than 1.4 billion NTD treatments to more than 600 million people in 32 countries. Because of this investment, 35 million people won’t lose their sight from blinding trachoma and 59 million won’t be disabled by elephantiasis, a disfiguring parasitic disease. Generations of children born today in Africa, Asia, and Latin America will never know these diseases, growing up in a healthier and more prosperous global society. The end of NTDs is in sight, but continued investment, partnership, and commitment is essential to get us to the finish line. Add your name to show your support for this effort and encourage all countries to do their part to fight NTDs.