Crusading Against Animal Cruelty

Tell Culler-In-Chief Owen Paterson:
It's Time To End The Badger Cull

Owen Paterson has renewed the badger culls in Somerset and Gloucestershire during 2014, despite the Indepentdent Expert Panel review of the 2013 culls clearly describing an outright failure:

1. Not enough badgers were killed for the cull to be effective.
2. The cull was inhumane, based on the trials own grounds for the measurement of inhumanity.

Network For Animals believe both of these points should have been foregone conclusions to the government. The Independent Scientific Group review of the previous decade long, government cull made clear in 2007 that badger culling is inneffective and often detrimental in the fight against TB in cattle. In fact, the introductory letter on page 3 made this clear. 

March 2014 saw backbench voting in the House of Commons result in a 219:1 vote against continuing the cull, yet still Owen Paterson persists in renewing pilot culls for 2014.

We at Network For Animals, and the badger loving community as a whole, petition Owen Patterson to now end badger culling once and for all. We encourage him to use British tax money to support badger vaccination projects, as our kind donors have been supporting them since 2011.

Please enter your details below to send a message to Owen Paterson. We have provided a form letter, though feel free to personalise your message.