Crusading Against Animal Cruelty

Head and horns of poached rhinos

Speak up for Rhinos: Tell Mozambique High Commissioner Mr Carlos dos Santos that as long as his government doesn't deal with poachers, you will not consider travelling to Mozambique.

It is estimated that 20,000 of the world’s 29,000 rhinos live in South Africa. Although they are a big draw card for tourists and conservationists, sadly they also attract an increasing number of poachers who are killing them for their horns which are used in Asian traditional medicine. 

Despite the South African government deploying the military and police to protect rhinos, 668 were killed in 2012 and 394 have been killed so far this year. That's 3.8 animals every day. Mozambique, a country that shares a 356 km border with the Kruger National Park where the majority of South Africa's rhinos live, is responsible for the majority of rhino poaching taking place in South Africa.

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