Crusading Against Animal Cruelty

Take action to stop horse fighting – write to the ambassador for the Philippines in London

Billed as a long-standing cultural tradition, horse fighting, despite being illegal, is prominent enough to warrant local television coverage, and municipal support in the form of cash prizes and sponsorship from local businesses. While horse fighting is promoted under the guise of tradition, in reality, extensive gambling on the outcomes of the horse fights is the main reason it is prevalent.

Horse fights entail two stallions that are incited to fight each other over a mare in season. They bite, kick and strike each other with their hooves, inflicting serious injuries until one of them submits, flees or is killed. Gouges, gashes and broken limbs sustained during fights are always serious and can be fatal.

Write to the ambassador for the Philippines in London to express your outrage that the cruel practice of horse fighting continues to operate in flagrant disregard for animal welfare legislation and without consideration for the protection of horses.

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