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Protect ocean animals

The Marine Mammal Protection Act (MMPA) is being attacked through a new proposed bill, HR 3133.

The bill (ironically called the SEA Act of 2017 - Streaming Environmental Approvals Act) aims to weaken the MMPA specifically by altering how Incidental Harassment Authorizations, or IHAs, are reviewed and authorized.

This bill is backed by the oil and gas industry and it would enable them, through altering how these IHAs are issued, to fast-track seismic surveys within critical marine mammal habitat.

Without proper IHA authorization provisions in place, ocean animals would lose vital protection in these critical marine habitats.

A quick note to your U.S. representative could help protect marine mammals. We have prepared a template email for you to send. If you prefer, you can personalize this copy to make it more effective. Please ensure that you are polite at all times.

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