Let's tackle pavement parking in Scotland

Let's tackle pavement parking in Scotland


Transport Scotland is consulting on pavement parking.
Add your voice.

We want Scotland to have strong laws that make sure people park responsibly. This will make sure that streets are safe and convenient for everyone.

Why pavement parking matters

It's a pain for everyone, but it’s particularly an issue for those with mobility problems, parents with pushchairs and older people, who may fear leaving their homes as they feel unsafe.

The consultation will only be open for a few weeks, so we only have a short time to make our voice heard.

Here we have prepared a response to the consultation for you to send to the Scottish Government.

If you have more time please respond directly to the Scottish Government to give a personal account of how footway parking affects you via the official portal.

Thank you for helping to make Scotland’s streets safer for everyone.

Prepare your letter

Please feel free to make your letter more effective by personalising the message, before adding your details and pressing send.

Dear Transport Scotland
Dear Transport Scotland





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