Adopt A Dive SiteTake your Dive Against Debris® actions to the next level with Project AWARE's Adopt A Dive Site™. Help protect the places you love. Sign up today!

As part of your commitment to Adopt A Dive Site you will:
  • Actively support Dive Against Debris by submitting Dive Against Debris data from the same site, at least once a month.

  • Ensure that surveys and data submissions are conducted by someone who has studied and reviewed all Dive Against Debris survey tools.

  • Submit data on the dive site even if the site is debris free.

  • Display the 10 Tips for Divers to Protect the Ocean Planet poster and promote 10 Tips in all dive briefings and directly to customers.

    Adopt A Dive Site: Project AWARE
  • Encourage customers to pledge their commitment to be a Debris Activist by signing the 10 Tips pledge

  • Display the Ugly Journey of Our Trash infographic - simply display the poster, share the video or post on social media.

  • Actively pursue a reduction in the dive center's/resort's own waste production. ie. implementation of water refill station, compost / worm farm, reusable bags, no single use plastic.
Once we have received your first Dive Against Debris data submission as a Adopt A Dive Site participant, you'll receive a package of survey tools including Dive Against Debris Data Slates, mesh bags, 10 Tips and Ugly Journey of Our Trash poster plus recognition materials as well as ongoing outreach and survey support.

Yes, I want to Adopt A Dive Site and pledge to follow the commitment outlined above.


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Adopt A Dive Site GPS Coordinates (add the GPS coordinates of your adopted site. Specifiy Lat: and Long: ie. Lat: -33.4692436 Long: 151.4385675. Use the minus sign for latitudes south of the equator and longitudes west of the Prime Meridian to 180 degrees. You can go to Google Maps and right click on your site. Select What's Here for the coordinates)


YES, I have submitted Dive Against Debris Data in the past and want to sign up to Adopt A Dive Site.


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