**UPDATE** The Care Bill is in the House of Commons!

There's a care bill going through parliament which needs to change if it's to meet the needs of blind and partially sighted people and it's being debated right now in the House of Commons! 

Since 2005, 25,000 fewer blind people recieve support from their council - This is depite rising levels of sight loss. Please write to your MP today

Your letter

Below is your letter to your MP. The more you personalise it, the greater the impact. We'll also attach our latest MP briefing (Word, 17KB) to your letter so your MP has all the policy detail. If you've already contacted your MP about the Bill, simply replace the text below with a short paragraph to remind them that support for blind and partially sighted people is important to you and urge them to read the updated RNIB briefing. When you're happy with your letter, sign it off with your contact details and hit submit!

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