Fit for work?

The Work Capability Assesment (WCA) is meant to help the Government decide if a disabled person is "fit for work" or not. Depending on the result, a blind or partially sighted person can be given support  to remain out of work, the support to get back into work, or no specialist support at all.

Currently the test itself is ridiculous but can you guess if the below statements are true or false...

RNIB's Work Capability Assesment "Call my Bluff" 

Are the following statements True or False?

Question 1: 

The ability of a blind or partially sighted person to read braille is likely to restrict them to a time limited benefit or even recieve no benefit at all


Question 2: 

Blind and partially sighted people can score points for not being aware of hazards


Question 3: 

The assessment takes into account whether claimants have any qualifications and whether there are any available or suitable jobs


Question 4: 

Being unable to navigate or having difficulty with navigation due to sight loss is not enough to avoid your benefit being time limited


Question 5: 

Blind and partially sighted people face multiple barriers to entering the labour market


Question 6: 

The assessment only looks at the ability of a person with sight loss to reach and leave a building - it does not assess them against any work based tasks 


Question 7: 

Taking your coat off when you arrive at the assessment can count towards you being found fit for work


Question 8: 

The assessment for judging someone's work capability asks blind and partially sighted people whether they can read newspapers, drive a car and get into or out of a bath