Help us tell Ofcom to fix the threat to wifi

The Initial Obligations Code will affect anybody that provides wifi to others, whether it is cafes, libraries or in shared households. There's more information on our blog. The full Code is available at Ofcom's website.

We'd like to use your stories to help us explain to Ofcom the issues with the Code. There's two things we'd like to know:

1. Tell us if you provide wifi to the public and are worried that you might receive allegations of copyright infringement as a result, along with any other comments about your position under the Code. Give us details if possible about the kind of wifi you provide. 

2. People will be given 20 days to appeal allegations of infringement. If you think this will not be long enough, let us know and tell us why. 

The deadline to get you stories to us is the end of Wednesday July 25th.

We will submit your evidence to Ofcom as part of our submission - this will include your name. If you would like to respond directly to Ofcom, there's information on how to do so on the Ofcom website.

Use the form below to submit your story. Once you are done press 'Go' at the bottom of the page.

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