Ask Eric Pickles to step in

Thank you very much for all your support. The 21 day period in which anyone can ask the Secretary of State to ‘call-in’ a planning decision is now over, so this action is closed for now. Mr Pickles received more than 11,400 personal messages asking him to protect Lodge Hill and uphold the rules that protect England’s other most remarkable sites from development.

Mr Pickles announced yesterday evening that as an RSPB member, he must step down from taking the decision and that in his place but a different Planning Minister will now carefully consider this request for a call-in with due process.

The decision is entirely at their discretion, but together we’ve done all we can to prove that building over Lodge Hill would have national implications, and is definitely of national concern. Mr Pickles presided over the creation of the rules governing all development, the National Planning Policy Framework, so we very much hope that his colleague will step in now to ensure his good work of two years ago isn’t undermined by the consequences of this local decision.

We don’t know when they’ll make their decision, but we will keep the pressure on, so watch this space!


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