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Black labrador guide dog sat looking at the camera in front of a car parked blocking the pavement.
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The petition:

"We call on the Government to introduce a new law to make pavement parking a clear offence, except where allowed by the local council."

People with sight loss, wheelchair users, parents and many other pedestrians are being forced to walk in the road to avoid dangerous pavement parking.  We are calling on the UK Government to introduce a new law to make Pavement Parking an offence except where specially designated by the local authority.

Please note: This is  a devolved issue in Scotland and Northern Ireland meaning a new law would not directly affect those nations, but wherever you live in the UK you can still sign the petition and we'd still love your support!

The story so far...

Back in 2015 we worked with Simon Hoare MP to sponsor a Private Member's Bill in Parliament which would prevent people from parking on pavements except in places exempted by the council, just like this petition is asking for. This would reverse the current situation where the council has to individually designate each street as a no pavement parking zone, a complicated and expensive process!

At the time, the Government agreed that this was a really important issue and asked us to withdraw the Bill so that they could conduct their own research into the best way forward, but more than a year later no progress has been made.  Sign this petition to ask the Government to fulfill their promise by taking real action on Pavement Parking.

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